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And thanks for reading it ^^ next chapter will probably the ending so yes… let’s hope I can update it asap.

I never forget any of my story, sweetie, they’re my children. It’s just that… some are naughtier to handle than the other. Some, even got expelled from school and had to sell cheap vegetables on the street isn’t that a movie?

Hopefully… after finishing The Waiting Dog and updating smut blog, I can post complete Hidden Persona in Just like MTO ^.~ 

I read the waiting dog part 4 that was really awesome:D lol siwon's letter is the lyric of a thousand years haha,even until now i still laugh remember that part XD btw i read choi sajang too, when you'll update again that story?

Thank youuu… *raises my jug of mysterious drink that colored like Leprechaun* glad you liked it. 

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Anybody home? I bring a wonkyu pepperoni pizza along with some wonkyu soda and wonkyu curlies this only shows that I’m starving. The Waiting Dog part 4 is updated, do visit when you have time ´`



“This would be my first love letter to you, though technically we can’t call it letter since I only wrote it in my head.” Siwon takes a deep breath. “I have died everyday waiting for you. Darling don’t be afraid, I have loved you… for a thousand years. And I’ll love you for a thousand more.”

Eun Hyuk glares. “That’s a stupid Vampire’s song lyrics.”

“Well who do you think I am? Hemingway? Making a damn love letter is difficult! I can make sarcasm easily though.”


“One time, I successfully mated a buffalo with a crab.”


“Yeah, I named it… bullshit.”

Punching Siwon’s arm, Eun Hyuk grunts. “You can’t do this while talking about shit, Siwon-Ah, that’s inorganic and barbaric. Now if you really love Kyuhyun, you have to do it seriously.” 

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"to be continued" uhm… I strongly believe it’s an Elton John album. Or Isaac Hayes. Or The Temptation. Also Terje Rypdal.

Teehee. I’m sorry for making you cry, sweetie. And I’m sorry for putting ‘to be continued’. However, I’m sure I can also put a smile on your face, as soon as I put ‘the end’ on The Waiting Dog. So… wear your prettiest gown and do wait for me! ´`

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The Waiting Dog Part 3, posted! Let’s not count the day anymore, shall we? You readers know I’m bad at keeping promise. Just ask my Mom, or my friends, or my agent, or my publisher, or my landlord, or the person who sell Chinese food across my apartment, basically everybody. But I’m doing my best? *grins like an awkward Manhattan chihuahua who lost her way in Delhi* (?)

The Waiting Dog Part 3:


Regarding the questions about Choi Sajang and Hidden Persona. I will absolutely continue both stories. Although writing Choi Sajang is fun, it always takes longer time. And what happen to Hidden Persona will pretty much the same as what happened to Mommy, That One! and Le Nosfera. I posted them here chapter by chapter, before I got brain-dead for a while and ended up posted them in a complete form in my other blog *grins like a Manhattan chihuahua who finally came home to her city but then realize she likes Delhi better* (??)

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The Waiting Dog is really good, Dellaaaaaaa. (too many 'a'-s, I am sorry) I love the plot and you just have to make Siwon's character like that. It's ironically good, I mean it's sad to know someone's character like Siwon's but it's awesome in this story. Because after all, he still has a heart somewhere inside him that even he doesn't really understand that he actually has it. Please make this happy ending. Haha. -AugustOwen

Wait… is this the same Owen that I always called Owen without politely asked for real name, coz I think Owen is already sound super cool? Dear Owen, a welcome reaction:

I’m sorry for the annoying side of me *sighs* Anyway… making Siwon’s character is a treat for me. The only person he cares about, is the one person he tortured the most. It’s a normal kiddy ‘stick a bubble gum to the girl’s hair you like the most’ game, yet in a more extreme level. 

And no worries, I never write sad-ending in any of my fic. Again and always… thanks for reading and liking it ^^