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     Cho Kyuhyun sighed, seemed to be impatient. He was already very late to the club meeting because of the damn bus. And then the stranger wanted to postpone even more. “What now? I’m in a hurry.”

"I… need you."


"I don’t know what else to say or do. Don’t go, I need you…"

I need you, that contains eight letters.” Kyu grinned. “And so is bullshit.”

      That’s it. Siwon couldn’t find more excuses to keep him stay longer, so he decided to reach out his hand, offering the first and last hand shake. “Very well, I’m sorry if I’ve disturbed you in any way. You take care then, and good luck with the game…”

Just a normal hand-shaking, so Kyuhyun might as well gave his last kindness to the desperate man. “Hyung-ssi too.” He answered short, touched Siwon’s hand for the first time, held it for a while until he could feel the right portion of warmth. The skin… the fingers… Doctor!!

Kyu felt strange all of a sudden. Somebody help!! Doctor!!

     "Hey you little brat! Coming or not?!” Yelled the bus driver, an old man with heavy beard. Kyuhyun startled for some moments before finally let go of Siwon’s hand. He quickly turned around and walked entering the bus to pick out available seat, leaving Choi Siwon… alone.

As the bus slowly moved, Kyu didn’t even care to glance outside of the window to see Siwon for the last time. Kyuhyun… was too busy looking at his right palm. The trace of Siwon’s skin, he could feel it still. And somehow, it created bizzare feeling that made him felt dizzy. “Aa… agh…” He squeezed his head. “Angh!” With both hands, he squeezed his head hardly. Help!! Doctor…

He kept on hearing that voice? Whose voice was that? His??


     "Doctooor!!" Cho Kyuhyun screamed in panic. “Doctor!!!”

The doctor and two nurses ran fast to the room, directly handled the patient who was having hard seizure. “Get me Fosphenytoin!” The doctor shouted and pointed at Kyuhyun. “And someone get him out of here!”

One of the nurses grabbed Kyuhyun’s arm. “Kyu-ssi, please wait outside.”

"I’m not leaving him!"

"Please, let the doctor han…"

"I’m not! fucking leave him!!"

It took two male nurses to drag Kyuhyun outside, so he wouldn’t be such a bothersome. The young boy put up a good struggle, but at last he didn’t have any choice but to wait. He felt deep pain in his chest, how could he be calm when the person he loved the most was struggling inside of that damn room?! It frustrated Kyu alot that he could barely breathe.

"Don’t take him…" He begged to no one in particular, but his head withered down and his lips kept on whispering in sadness. "Pleaseee… please…"


4 hours later…

     A beautiful nurse patted Kyuhyun’s shoulder to wake him up. The boy quickly opened his eyes and turned. “How is he?”

"He’s awake now. His condition has been stable for the past hour."

“I wanna see him.”

"You may." The nurse smiled. "But you should take some rest too…"

Kyuhyun nodded ignorantly before walking to the room again. He opened the door, walked in- and saw the man. With a heavy sigh, he smiled. “Hey…”

Siwon smiled back. “Hey…”

     Kyu was silent for a moment, he watched Siwon’s slow breath. The man must be very tired since the surgery, those sleepless nights he had suffered after the car accident. Added with some continual seizures… he must be very… very exhausted. The doctor said that Siwon might gain full recovery in about a year, but with routine physical therapy, the heal would progress faster.

"I shouldn’t force you to come to the game conference. I should’ve known that you would speed up your car…" Said Kyu. "I’m sorry. I…" Tears suddenly fell onto the boy’s pale cheeks, and he was soon sobbling like a little child.

Siwon opened up his blanket and grabbed Kyuhyun’s hand. “Come here…”

     He let the boy climbed onto the bed, and snuggeld onto his warm chest. Siwon hugged him, put him save inside of his firm yet fragile body. The man caressed Kyuhyun’s hair and heard the boy softly whispered. “You know what I love? I love the way you patiently play PC games with me even when you never like it…” He whined. ” I love how you would do anything in this world just to make me happy. So please… don’t ever leave…”

Kyu drowned his face even more into Siwon’s chest. “I need you…”

                                             ***to be continued***

     A minute had passed, Choi Siwon took a short glance at the book that Cho Kyuhyun was reading. “Permission to talk.” He whispered. “What are you reading?”

Kyu mumbled ignorantly. “Mechanism of 3D animation. Level 9.”

"What for?"

"Me and some friends are making a new game for PC." Kyu explained lazily. "20 difficult levels, using simple RPG Maker. As soon as we complete the prototype, we’ll give it to a certain company who wants to buy it."

Siwon grinned, he didn’t understand a word the boy just said. A fun game for him was playing golf or tennis, or wasting money over branded stuffs! But gaming? isn’t that for children?

     Siwon smiled, changed the topic. “How about your IPod? What are you listening to? Your favorite song?”

"No, it’s the sound of machine. The effect we’re gonna use in our game."


"You know… when one sword is hitting metal or iron. Tsing! Woosh! Teng!"

"Ah…" Siwon forced his face to smile again, he had to look interested in whatever Kyu was discussing about. Or else, there might be a chance that the boy would get mad at him again. And Siwon hated when it happened.


     Kyuhyun was silent for a while, he knew the Ferrari man didn’t understand a thing about game. But it’s remarkable to see him patiently listened to whatever was served to his ears. He even pretended to smile just to appreciate his opponent. “You have dimples.” Said Kyu, decided to act softer to the man.

Siwon turned. “Excuse me?”

"You have deep dimples on your cheeks. So deep I can use them as ashtray."

"Hehe, really?"

"I have mine too you know? You see, here…"


"Here, under my lips." Kyuhyun fake his smiled just to show two small dimples on his bottom cheeks, exactly under his lips. "Can you see them?"

     Siwon laughed. “Yes, I can. Cute dimples…” He was a bit surprised to know the friendly side of the boy beside him. Being near to him, was somehow… very comfortable. Before, when he said that he felt he had known the boy before… he wasn’t lying.

In his mind, he mysteriously remembered that hair… those big round sparkling eyes, the sandwich nose, the orange lips which a bit thick at the upper part, the pale and chubby cheeks, the voice, even the adorable dimples. Siwon didn’t know when or how, but he really knew the boy.


     There’s a loud sound of a big transportation coming near. Kyuhyun looked on his left side and smiled. “Finally! The freakin bus.”

The bus is coming? Siwon seemed unprepared. As the bus got even closer, he turned more anxious. The man stood up and watched how Kyuhyun carefully closed his book and put it into his dirty bag. “Hyung-ssi, I gotta go. Don’t make anymore trouble, okay? And never talk about your fortune to just anybody, not everyone is as good as me.”

Kyuhyun waved, walked eagerly to his bus. Siwon followed him behind, although he then stopped at the door. He didn’t want to let the boy go, but he couldn’t find any reason to make him stay. “Wait…” He called for the last time before the bus door was closed. “Wait!”

                                               ***to be continued***

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'After us' sounds sooo interesting! their characterization is PERFECT. i can imagine nervous siwon and his unintentional bragging and kyu getting annoyed haha. ahh i really like the story~ how many parts/chapters are you planning to do? anyways love your work as always! hope you can update soon :D

First of all, thank you sweetie!! ^^ *bows like Hyung-ssi*

It’s a short story actually and I already have the final, so maybe the end would be on part D or E. I will post very soon, since I have a flight to catch tomorrow so I won’t be online for a while :(

PS: Don’t you just love that bus stop? :D

     Cho Kyuhyun frowned. “What do you mean, who am I?”

"I mean, do you know me?"

"I don’t."


"Wha? I just don’t!"

"So why are you in my head?"

"How the hell am I suppose to know?!"

That Ferrari man… he didn’t look dangerous to be considered a maniac, but he sure seemed imbalance. “Hyung-ssi, are you drunk?” Kyu asked. “Or are you somekinda cult guy who is recruiting new member to join your goat-head ceremony? Coz I’m not interested.”

The man shook his head. “I am not.”

"Are you a cannibal? Coz my meat tastes like asphalt."

"Not either."

"Do you got Cancer and trying to get a comfort? Coz I’m not a hugger."

"Why do I have to be in those conditions just to get to know you?"

     “Coz you and your presence are the weirdest thing ever.” Kyu snorted. “If you don’t have anything else to say, then leave me alone.”

The man sighed. He was the best public speaker in the company, but why in front of this strange boy, he felt helpless? The boy’s sarcasm managed to steal his charisma at once, it changed him from a valuable businessman into a clumsy man.


     The bus had not yet arrived and Kyuhyun was still stuck with the awkward rich man- sitting next to him. The man was still staring at Kyuhyun, it was not something he would do everyday- acting clingy to a grumpy young boy at the bus stop. He realized that he couldn’t get the boy attention if he kept on being mysterious, so he decided to take another approach.

"Forgive my previous manner. Let me introduce myself properly. My name is Choi Si Won, I’m a professional businessman from Seoul, who is taking a short holiday in my new villa- there up the hill.” He bowed.

Kyu frowned. “Where do you think you are? A palace? Why are you bowing?”

"I’m trying to be polite."

"Instead, you look completely like an idiot."

     Siwon sighed, he knew that he should try harder, even for something that himself thought it was impossible. “It might sound crazy to you, but there’s a strong reason why I act like this.” The man spoke in a serious manner. “I was driving when I saw you sitting here at the bus stop. And then suddenly this weird flash of memory came inside of my head. I saw you, I saw you in my mind… I think I knew you before this…”

He stopped talking for a while. “Do you believe in reincarnation?”

     Kyuhyun smirked. “Do you believe that it’s illegal to stab a person for being ridiculous, but it’s legal to smack their head with an IPod?”

Siwon gasped. “I just wanna figure this out…”

"I’m not gay, okay?!"

"I don’t mean that way, I really really wa…"

"Hyung-ssi! Leave me alone!!" Kyuhyun shouted. Although he was nothing compared to Siwon’s possible muscles beneath those expensive suit, he knew he would put up a good fight against the man- if he tried.

Choi Siwon… was silent. He sat back beside Kyuhyun and didn’t do anything further but to watch motionless at grasses and dust in front of him. He gave up. It did sound crazy that a modern guy like him suddenly suggested reincarnation, it did sound terribly crazy. He needed to stop. “At least…” He mumbled. “At least let me sit here with you until your bus come.”

"Fine, but don’t talk."

"Thank you."

"I said, don’t talk!"

Siwon glanced, whispered soundless with his moving lips. Thank youuu..

                                              ***to be continued***

wanna give ye chocolate just bcz I adore yer writing, I hope ye dont find it weird
What&#8230; no, not at all. Why would it be weird? This already more than enough, thank you very much, sweetie. It looks so yummy I could die!! *sobs* Do visit more in the future &gt;.&lt;

wanna give ye chocolate just bcz I adore yer writing, I hope ye dont find it weird


What… no, not at all. Why would it be weird? This already more than enough, thank you very much, sweetie. It looks so yummy I could die!! *sobs* Do visit more in the future >.<

"After us" is very funny ^^. If I were Kyu, I would have been angry too. How can he be attracted by a man who likes showing off everything, always says that he owns so much expensive things? I'm too curious why he is like that? He likes Kyu for long time and he's too shy to say it to Kyu so he did that, right, Della? Too too curious. Can u answer this question soon with part B, C and so on kkk. Finally, give u a big hug and a big kiss coz u hugged and kissed me last time hehe

If I were Kyu, I would prepare a pepper-spray lol. Okay… that’s your guess, rite? Well… I’m gonna answer your curiousity in part B!

It’s a short stories, sweetie so there’s no so on you know me. Thank you so much for being here ^^ and YAY!! another hug and kiss!! 

Della-nim~~ ^^ My friend and me will try to translate your Our Bed Serie in french... let spread our love for the Wonkyu ♥ [will tell them by the way how amazing you are kkkk] wish us luck :3

J’ai eu un rêve estrange hier nuit, Lucie. About wonkyu having a quarrel in French! lol. And now I got this msg from you, so… was it a sign? >.<

OBS has 40 stories already, you can take them all :D Don’t forget to give Eonnie the link of your blog later, okay? Good luck *kisses* Let the flag out, baby! Spread Wonkyu love! ^^

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